Knit-topia 2016 Sponsor Information

Knit-Topia Retreat 2017

The 9th Annual Knit-topia is scheduled for April 20-30, 2017 in Lexington Michigan, and we are already taking sign-ups. Knit-topia is sponsored by the Knitting Blooms Video Podcast and YOU, if your company decides to participate! 

We are expecting 30-40 ladies over this 10 day retreat.  All crafters are welcome but we expect the primary base of our group to be knitters, crocheters, and spinners.

The charity theme of the last two years has continued to be a huge success so once again be continuing it. Charities we have donated to in the past have been: Halos of Hope, Knitted Knockers, Mama’s Boys, Elephants Remembered Joplin (Cee Cee Creech), blankets for the homeless, and Snuggles.

We are currently looking for vendors who would be interested in helping to sponsoring this event. We would like to give every participant a nice goodie bag with samples and logo items, and we will also be handing out door prizes. We are also looking for sponsors for our demonstrations and classes. 

Door Prizes: These would be single items averaging between $20-$40 each, and would be given out daily at the retreat. We will also have some Grand Prize items worth over $100.

Goodie Bag Items: These would be small items that would be included in the goodie bags which are given to each attendee. We would need a minimum of 40 each. These items are usually items like pens, tape measures or other object with your company logo, or a sample skeinlette of yarn or even a selection of patterns. You can decide what you would like to send to promote your business to all the attendees of this retreat. 

Demonstrations: We will be doing numerous demonstrations and classes at the retreat and would love to be able to demonstrate your products to the attendees. We ask that you send materials for each person to be able to get their hands on your product and complete a small project.

In return for your donation we will include your company logo or advertisement in our digital camp directory. If you are interested in seeing a previous version of the directory, you can find a partial camp directory from previous years on the Knit-topia Website.

If you would like to make a donation please please contact me on Ravelry (Bloomingknitter) for mailing instructions. 

Your your full color advertisement twill be included in our digital directory. 

Advertisement size is based on retail value of the donation, as follows.
$50-$100 retail value of donation – 1/10 page advertisement (approx. 2" x 3.75" or 3.75 x 2")
$100-$150 retail value of donation – 1/5 page advertisement (approx. 4" x 3.75 or 3.75" x 4)
$150-$200 retail value of donation – 1/4 page advertisement (approx. 4" x 5" or 5" x 4")
$200-$500 retail value of donation – 1/3 page advertisement (approx. 2.66" x 10.5" or 8" x 3.5")
$500-$750 retail value of donation - 1/2 page advertisement (approx. 8" x 5" or 11" x 4")
$750 or more retail value of donation – full page advertisement (8" x 10.5") 

We will accept cash contributions for advertising, but we far prefer a donation of product.

We thank you for your support.

If you are unable or unwilling to make a donation at this time please let me know so I can remove you from our list for this year. 

Tina Robbins
Knit-Topia Knitting Retreat

Knitting Blooms Podcast

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